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In the hospitality business, every day your building is under construction is another day of closed operations.

At Quality Construction of western Montana, we always work hard to shorten your building’s construction time without taking short cuts, particularly when we’re doing hotel or motel construction. We find the most cost-effective materials and means of construction.

Our project managers understand the key to a good investment in retail or hospitality is how much the facility can earn per square foot. Consequently, our goal is to deliver the best building possible at the lowest cost per square foot possible, even taking into account costs such as long-term maintenance. Our experience and knowledge enables us to do just that.

We’re Quality Construction. Always have been. Always will be.

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Holiday Inn Express - Missoula, Montana

Working with a large national chain such as Holiday Inn requires the highest level of communication and coordination in the successful completion of a large hotel/motel project.  Using a local commercial general contractor like Quality Construction helps guarantee that this key retail project is the most cost effective and can begin generating  a return on investment as quickly as possible.

Holiday Inn Express of Missoula Montana by Quality Construction

“We have been involved in numerous projects with Quality Construction, both design build and hard bid. Even under the most strenuous situations, with cooperation and a team attitude, we always seem to meet or beat the project’s schedule and conservatively control the project’s costs.”

Vice President, 4G Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Missoula, Montana